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What is an Estate Pipe?

What is an Estate Pipe?Estate Pipe

"Estate pipes" are previously owned tobacco pipes that are sold to new owners.  These pipes are also often referred to as Vintage Pipes. Pipes can range from the very simple machine-made briar pipe to highly-prized handmade and artful implements created by renowned pipemakers which are often very expensive collector's items. 

An Estate Pipe offers some of the highest values for your money when purchasing a pipe.  We have countless estate pipes for you to choose from.  Each pipe is hand selected then restored, cleaned, sanitized, sweetened then run through our rigorous 42 point inspection prior to being placed on the site for sale.

We are always looking to purchase estate pipes as well.  So if you have any pipes that you would like to sell please let us know here. 

If you would like to have your estate pipe restored and sweetened we also offer that service as well.  You can find more information here on estate pipe restoration.

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